Here at KOKOMO Beach Club (KBC), inclusivity is our main goal! Ranging from activities for families, friends and corporate groups! KBC is the place for everyone!
Function room – Finding a space to conduct your internal session or team bonding programmes but want to be away from the office? Come have your session by the nice view of the sea! Team bonding and family bonding programmes are our forte! 
Craft rentals – Rent a kayak or 2 and head out to sea! You can also bring your family or loved ones along! Ranging for crafts up to 3 seaters. Our instructors are there to give you a proper briefing before you head out to sea!   
Expeditions – Not confident to go out to sea by yourself? Fret not, we are experts in sea expeditions! Having done overseas expeditions, round Ubin or around Singapore, we have got you covered! You can come as a team or join our ad hoc basis planned expeditions!
SeaOPS courses – Being experts in sea, we go based on the SeaOPS syllabus! The sea is your oyster! Being how to access tides, weather, rescue scenarios and good decision making. Come and get your 1 star certification! Kayaking and Stand up paddling!
Slot rentals – We also have a community of fisherman enthusiast, we open slots for kayak, stand up paddles and all boards for parking (subject to availability)  

With many surprises installed at KBC, we look forward to working with you! Email to us at info@outdoor-adventures.com or call us at 6238 8072 / 9781 0598 or view our website at https://kokomo-beachclub.com/#

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