Teambonding Programme at KOKOMO Beach Club!

The Outdoor Adventure team has been tasked to conduct a fun filled experience for our participants. It was an exhilarating day at KOKOMO Beach Club! 100 pax turned up for a fun filled teambonding session! 

Many of them mentioned it was a nice change of environment, away from the office and away from the stresses. To be able to just relax, let your hair down and just enjoy! The teams were formed into groups and they were tasked on an adventure to explore Pasir Ris Park and in this adventure, teams will also have to go through various challenges for both land and sea! When the activity ended, everyone gathered back at KOKOMO Beach Club for a rest and an announcement of the winners! We were thankful for the great weather, great crowd and all the efforts taken to make this a success! We look forward to seeing you and your team too! For more info, email to us at or call us at 6238 8072 / +65 9834 7984.

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