Teambonding Programme at KOKOMO Beach Club!

Outdoor Adventures’ teambonding programme was a resounding success, bringing together a total of 150 participants for two dynamic sessions at Pasir Ris Park. The teams engaged in spirited telematch and captains ball games, culminating in a thrilling finale of captains ball nearing the end.

Beyond the competitive spirit, the day was about fostering connections as these teams only come together once a year. It was an opportunity for members from different departments to get to know each other better while relishing the chance to step out of the office or their various operations. The event was capped off with a lively mini-party featuring a live band and refreshing drinks, ensuring that camaraderie and enjoyment remained at the forefront of this memorable team-building experience. It was a pleasure hosting the event for the team yet again this year and we look forward to new ideas and adventure for their team next year!

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