Selamat Hari Raya - CSR initiative for our Malaysian workers

12th May 2021

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!

Since the pandemic started, we have been housing Malaysian workers in our 3 hectares wide campsite. While most of the businesses in Singapore had come to a halt, our Malaysian workers from essential sectors such as cleaning, engineering, and so on, have been working tirelessly for us, even during the festive period. Some Malaysian workers here have not been able to return to their families since 2020 Malaysia’s MCO (Movement Control Order) and closing of borders. This is their 2nd Hari Raya in Singapore without their families with them. Hence, our team decided to come up with an initiative within our campsite in hopes to keep their spirits up!

We have purchased groceries to be packed and distributed to the workers as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. After weeks of packing and planning, we are finally able to distribute them! The care packs consist of daily necessities such as rice, masks, coffee, raya cookies etc. Some of our colleagues have also taken the extra mile to gather donations from their friends and relatives to chip in more money or raya cookies and drinks to add to the care pack!

On 12th May, our team decided to make Bandung (a very popular drink among our Malay friends and colleagues, we realized!) for the workers residing in our campsite. We bought the ingredients and set up a couple of Bandung Booth at our hard-court, complying with safety distance measures of course! Along with the Bandung Booth, we also have a generous donor “Warung Kita” whom cooked and prepared 170 sets of Rendang Chicken with Ketupat for the workers! They have arranged the whole day on the 12 just to cater to us so the workers can have a home cooked meal in Singapore. Some of our colleagues were invited down to assist in packing them in bentos and they were salivating at the looks and smell of the food!

From 6.30pm onwards, our team dispatch the workers room by room turns to visit our Food booth and Bandung Booth with their bottles and flasks, filling them up with smiles plastered on their faces. It was a success!

To end of the evening, we have also prepared the all-time favourite Malaysian Ice Cream (Ice Pops) and to our delight, the workers were so surprised and elated seeing it.

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