There is a term “look forward to” often associated with “to expect (something) with pleasure” as it means that you are happy that something is going to happen! That is none other than the WEEKENDS! A great time to not worry about work and to just spend time with our family, friends, hobbies and goals! The best for some is definitely to enjoy and learn something new together!


On weekends, it is always a fulfilling one where we would most often see paddlers ready for their expeditions, courses, and the fisherman heading out with their fishing kayaks.


On the 10th of October, we had a total of 30 kayaks out at sea for an expedition and it was for our SeaOPS 1 Star Sea Kayaking Course! We often receive queries from the public on how to join our expeditions and if they are able to kayak to Pulau Ubin by themselves. These questions are all answered through our SeaOPS courses where the main goal is to prepare participants to have the competence for sea expeditions! Hence our courses will focus on scenarios, such as situation awareness at sea, decision making and real life sharing experiences from our instructors!  


We look forward to continue growing the SeaOPS community. What’s next will be our 1 Star Fishing Kayaking Course! We would like You to join us! Wait no longer, look us up at


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