SeaOPS 1 star course!

“Calm seas maketh not the skilled sailor nor proficient paddler.”

Here in Outdoor Adventures, we do expeditions! Launching from all corners of Singapore (and even overseas sites such as Indonesia and Malaysia), we often run sea expeditions to offshore islands, exploring mangroves and even historical landmarks (eg. Raffles lighthouse).

Out at sea, one must always be prepared for the unexpected! How then can one master the fickle wind, the choppy waves, the raging tide?

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Come onboard our SeaOPS 1 STAR courses, where you will pick up knowledge and skills that will prepare you for our expeditions. SeaOPS prepares learners through real-life scenarios out in the open sea. We believe in sustainability, education, safety and fun!

Apart from skills and knowledge, we also impart the OPS C3i framework that we use on our expeditions.

O-bjectives (What? Why?)

P-eople (Who? When?)
S-ystems (How? Command and Control)

C -command

C -control

C -communication

I- ntelligence

Sign up for the SeaOPS 1 STAR courses today, and open up a world of exploration and fun!

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