Paddle in the west!

Welcoming in March Madness, Outdoor Adventures launched out 27 sea kayaks in our rendition of Journey from the west! Our kayaking enthusiasts ventured through restricted waters, threading the thin path skirted by live-firing areas and malaysian waters. Despite the difficulties, the team maintained a tight formation with everyone looking out for each other. After 3 nautical miles, a pit stop was in order. Everyone was in good spirits, starting our picnic on the sea! Another 3 nautical miles later, we arrived at Sarimbun, and what a sight to behold! A round of high 5s and pats on our backs; an amazing milestone for all Kayakers!

It was definitely a fun trip with the fact that water conditions were exceptionally great with nice breezy weather and this is not common especially in the west. It was nice connecting with the community and we are always looking forward to having new people joining us! We are waiting for you to join us too! Stay tuned as 2022 crashes in! Look us up at and we hope to see you soon!

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