Outdoor Adventures Ubin Paddling Adventures!

We are back at it again with yet another exciting adventure! Outdoor Adventures heads to Pulau Ubin this time we are going even closer to nature! We started off at our beautiful site at KOKOMO Beach Club, gearing up our participants for the trip.

After about 3 nautical miles, we took a pit stop at ‘Ah Ma’s drink stall’ for a good rest and charged up to continue our journey! We decided to take a hike uphill, the energy from the team was great. We were delighted to be accompanied by a cute stray dog that decided to follow us on our journey!

A lot of fun facts were shared, from the mangrove forestation, how they are being developed and did you know? Mangrove forests are capable of overcoming the force of a Tsunami! They also provide more oxygen than the normal trees we see in our city!

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