On the 22nd of August 2021! It was an amazing and meaningful event as a total of 66 participants turned up at different time slots. In collaboration with ActiveSG, we had 3 main objectives,
Sustainability – keeping our environment clean and safe! Educating and awareness on our 5 Rs in waste reduction, impact on marine life and our precious Earth
Sports and Wellness – Keeping fit, and knowing that no matter the age, it is never too late to enjoy a good workout while parents and children collaborate in getting through challenges.   
National day – National day is about keeping the Singapore Spirit alive! Everyone is playing their part in keeping the environment clean with the awesome dressing up in national day clothes!

The participants successfully completed their challenges whilst learning to care for the environment with a beach clean up along the way! It was a competition in which teams would collect the most amount of rubbish! We have collected up to over 10 bags full! 

It was truly a wonderful opportunity in the name of Sustainability! A good bonding session for everyone. We personally enjoyed ourselves as well and what’s more?  You may also stand a chance to win a staycation at Sentosa with fun activities at Sentosa! The best part is that it is not over yet! Come join us!

Our last event is happening this weekend, 29th August 2021 Sunday! See you soon!

Register with us: https://lu.ma/SustainabilityAdventure_29Aug 

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