Outdoor Adventures Kayaking Coastal Cleanup with youth and volunteers

Our kayaking coastal clean-up event was a big gathering of 65 participants, including students, volunteers from various schools, and community center members, all coming together with underprivileged children. Beyond the mission of environmental preservation, our goal was to foster team cohesion among these diverse groups while emphasizing the importance of collective action in protecting our planet.

During the debrief, it was heartening to learn that many participants had ventured out of their comfort zones, with most being first-time paddlers or sea enthusiasts. The event had a profound impact, sparking newfound interest in kayaking, and even aspirations to attend our SeaOPS courses in the future. 

In addition to the personal growth, the event also yielded tangible results, with a total of 20kg of litter collected from the coast. As we eagerly anticipate our next adventure, we invite you to join us in our mission to protect and preserve our natural world!

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