IRASSU Kayaking Coastal Clean Up

It is another awesome morning for yet another adventure! We are having a fun get together with colleagues and friends and families. Today’s trip is to Coney island, the mission is sustainability! So the task for today was to have fun, paddle and to do kayaking coastal clean up!

It was nice to see the team in good spirits and everyone was doing their part for the environment, even our youngest member who was only 3 years old joined in to contribute!

At the end of the day, everyone arrived back safely and the team collected a total of 7 bags full of rubbish weighing up to 134 kg! It was a fun and fulfilling day, we appreciate the positive feedback from the participants and we look forward to having you and your team to join us! For more info, email us at or call us at 6238 8072 / +65 9834 7984. 

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