In the month of October, one of the most highly anticipated events is Halloween! This time round we had a both land and sea event going on! On land, we have a family coming together to conquer an escape room! The teams have to combine their brain juices and a keen sense of observation to be able to defuse a bomb and to uncover a 4 digit code to escape from the room! While on sea, teams paddled with an awesome view of the sea and returned to a rewarding sunset!    

A lot of fun facts were shared, from the mangrove forestation, how they are being developed and did you know? Mangrove forests are capable of overcoming the force of a Tsunami! They also provide more oxygen than the normal trees we see in our city!

It was amazing seeing how the families were able to work together and leverage each other’s strength. One key highlight shared was about how it was actually most of the families first time going through an escape room together! It is such moments that really motivates us to create more of such amazing programmes! Look forward to more of our new upcoming programmes! Email to us at info@outdoor-adventures.com or call us at 6238 8072 / 9781 0598

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