Family Paddle to Pulau Ubin

It is the weekend again! This time Team Outdoor Adventure is launching off from our favorite site KOKOMO Beach Club! For our March holidays, we have our friends, families, children and adults all coming together for a nice short trip to Pulau Ubin! We woke up early in the morning, calculated the tide, and got everyone geared up. We all helped one another to ensure everyone is in tune in how to paddle, regardless of age! Our experienced SeaOPS certified members came in to help as well by guiding the children or the inexperienced!       

You may be surprised but everyone in the team was able to paddle from KOKOMO Beach Club Pasir Ris Park to Pulau Ubin and back safely! We deployed our usual SeaOPS expedition formation ensuring that every angle is covered and watched over by our instructors and along with our ‘guardian angel’ safety boat accompanying us to cross the channel! 

Despite the rain the past few weeks, we were rewarded with awesome weather. It was cloudy and breezy, everything a kayaker could ask for! We always believe in the whole idea of family bonding and we were really glad to see both parent and child were spending quality time and at the same time enjoying nature! How often could one ask for such a time especially in a busy life in Singapore! We look forward to our next adventure and we would want you to be part of it!   

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