Family Bonding Fun Survival Theme Programme (Father’s Day Edition!)

In today’s episode, we set a target on a special father and child family bonding programme because it is Father’s day! Circulating around the theme on a survival challenge! Fathers get the chance to be in the limelight as they show off their abilities to be able to “survive” together through the various activities and to show their kids how cool they can really be.

Outdoor Adventures tasks the team through activities like outdoor cooking where teams will have to “hunt for their food ingredients through an exhilarating battle of archery! 

The biggest take away was the customizability of the activities and how they were designed in a way that allows both father and child to work together through some of the challenges, for example there were activities where the child has the advantage and requires to direct their father towards the goal! This creates a very memorable moment for both father and child and Outdoor Adventures is proud to say that we have once again put a close to yet another amazing programme!     

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