Are you the next SeaOPS 2 Star kayaker? (25-26th June 2022)

It was an exciting day for the team as we are heading to Malaysia! After successfully completing the SeaOPS 1 star expedition course and going through several SeaOPS expeditions. It was time for the next level of adventure! Starting early in the morning, we wasted no time in heading to our neighboring country and off to our destination Forest City!

Upon arrival, we started off with our briefing, this includes advanced theories and gadgets essential for the trip. Through their past experience with SeaOPS expeditions, the “newly formed team” was able to be quick in strategizing and displayed clarity in the journey ahead! The team was able to experience real life scenarios and they were also rewarded with delicious hotpot for lunch! After 12 nautical miles later, the team arrived at their destination! Greeted with a beautiful sunset, we adjourned with our reflections for the day and rested before proceeding back home the next day! 

It was a commendable effort put in by everyone! A great experience shared by many, and a satisfied heart with the objective cleared! Everyone in the team was an official SeaOPS 2 star expedition kayaker! The experience doesn’t stop there for the best part is that WE ARE COMING AGAIN! The SeaOPS 2 star expedition course will be back on the 22nd to 24th October 2022! Wait no further, limited slots available come join for a fun experience, new knowledge and skill and be part of the team!

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