Adventure to the Pulau Ubin Mangrove forest!

On today’s episode, Team Outdoor Adventures embarks on an adventure into Pulau Ubin’s 4 Rivers! After showing off our prepared snacks and readied rations, with cheery spirits the expedition team launched out of KOKOMO Beach Club onto Serangoon Harbour. Once we emerged from the safety of the blue barrels, the team paddled onwards towards Pulau Ubin with pompous banter and hearty smiles. Of course, the unpredictable sea would present us with our first challenge, the strong crosswinds! As wind collided against sea currents, the choppiness got us recalling our SeaOPS Training as we bit our lips, buckled down, and navigated the busy channel! Before long, the Ubin Jetty came into sight, the “WELCOME TO PULAU UBIN” signage beaming upon us like a warm embrace.

Keeping together as a closely knit group. We arrived at Pulau Ubin and headed for a pit stop to get some nice chendol dessert before continuing on our journey! Heading into the mangroves at 1245pm sharp, the tides were perfect, the weather nice and cool and the mangrove greenery ever so alluring. There’s nothing quite like the calmness and serene beauty of the 4 Rivers. We continued on through the meandering waterways, maneuvering away from hanging branches, spotting errant wildlife, and telling dad jokes in between!


Nearing the end at 1630hrs, we were back out to the open sea making way towards our base at KOKOMO Beach Club. With the current in our favour this time, we arrived back in good time,  onto the soft beach where everyone pounded their chests, shared their highlights, and ended the day with ideas for our next journey.

We look forward to our next adventure and we would love for you to be part of it! For more info, email us at or call us at 6238 8072 / +65 9834 7984.

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