Family Workshops

Building a Better Home!

LEGO Serious Play Workshop for the Family


The new Norm where many work from home these days, the ‘Home’ is being redefined. Join us with your family to build a LEGO model that represents Home for everyone in the same family! It won’t be just a model, but at the end of the programme, everyone would understand each other’s definition of what Home means to them and very importantly to have plans and actions that would ensure everyone continues to build the Home together!

Minimum age – 10 years old

$80/pax  (for 16 yrs old and above)

$50/pax  (for 10 to 15yrs old)

$250 Family Bundle (for 2 adults, 2 x 10-15 year old, 1 helper)

Let’s Communicate Together!

Profiling Workshop Using the DISC Profiling

Ever wanted to understand alot more about our partners and children? Why do they do certain things that are different from us? Why do we get so angry with some of their actions? Why do they behave the way they do in different situations?

Find out about all this together as a family! Get to know each other better and the best way to communicate. Find out how you can reduce the stress and arguments and more on effective communications!

Minimum age – 13 years old


$250 Family Bundle (2 adults, 2 x 13 yrs and above, 1 helper)

Art Jam!

Art Workshop for the Family!

Bring your kids for this fun-filled activity that enables our children to go crazy on painting! You don’t have to worry about the mess and most of all, do it within the natural environment! Parents and children will each be given a canvas to do their own creative images and do a show and tell at the end!

Minimum age – 1 yr old


$250 Family Bundle (2 adults, 2 x 1 yrs and above, 1 helper)

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KOKOMO Beach Club at FOCUS Adventure Sentosa, offers paddle and lifestyle activities. Members can enjoy better Perks!

Tower Yoga

Yoga on a 24m Tower

Come join us for a relaxing sunset YOGA experience as you activate your chakras and learn to interact with the elements around you – Sun, Earth, Water and Wind.

Immerse yourself in this experience that offers a beautiful view of the southern islands and the panoramic view of Sentosa Beaches by being at the top of the 24m Tower.

Minimum age – 10 years old


Membership price: $100/month (4 sessions)

Open Deck Kayaking

Paddle within the Lagoon!

Experience Kayaking in the calmness of Sentosa’s Palawan beach lagoon!

Minimum age – 10 years old

$50/pax/1 hour session

Membership price: $100/month (4 sessions)

Pet Kayaking

Paddle with your PETS!

Experience this exciting activity that you can do with your PETS now! Come join us and give a thrilling experience to our “PRIENDS”!

You get to try out the open deck kayaking together with your PETS!


Only limited for DOGs and CATs.


Bring your own Personal Floatation Device for the PETS.

$30/pax/1 hour session

Membership price: $100/month (4 sessions)

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