SeaOPS Sea Kayaking Expedition (Raffles Marina to Pulau Sarimbun)

April 24, 2021
April 24, 2021 .
Raffles Marina   View map


Date: 24th April 2021
Time: 0900 to 1700 hours
Venue: Raffles Marina
Cost: S$100 per pax
Minimum attendance to start the expedition: 10 pax


Description of Expedition:
– Familiarization with equipment such as closed deck kayak, personal flotation device (PFDs) and paddle.
– Launch off from Raffles Marina & kayak to Pulau Sarimbun
– Kayak back to Raffles Marina


– Minimum SeaOPS 1 Star Sea Kayak Certification is a prerequisite to join this expedition
– Covered footwear is compulsory to prevent any cuts or injuries. Water booties are recommended, or you can wear any covered shoes that you don’t mind getting wet in!


Things to bring:
1. Water bottle (At least 1 litre is HIGHLY recommended)
2. Bring in your own lunch/snacks!
3. Dri-fit Shirt/Long Sleeves/Rash guard/Tights/Booties
4. Sunscreen/Cap/Sunglasses
5. Towel, change of clothes/footwear and toiletries
6. Extra masks and sanitizer (as required)


– Destination before making a turn back may change from Pulau Sarimbun to closer with considerations to tide, wind conditions, weather conditions, participants paddling abilities/stamina
– Do not attend the session if you are feeling unwell. Kindly contact us in advance.


*This will be a guided expedition. The price includes a guide, usage of the kayak, paddle and PFD and the tour. Lunch and transport is not included.

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