SeaOPS 1 Star Sea Kayaking Course – Raffles Marina

May 1, 2021
May 1, 2021 .
Raffles Marina   View map


Aim: To introduce sea kayaking to beginners


Environment: Sea


Course fee: S$80


Course Duration: 1 days (6 hours)


Type of Craft: Single Seat Decked Kayaks


·       Personal Kayaking Equipment
·       Expedition Theory Part 1
·       Weather Hazards
·       Environmental Hazards


·       Carrying and lifting of kayaks with and without assistance
·       Launching off and coming ashore (for both beach and pontoon/berth)
·       Forward Paddling
·       Reverse Paddling
·       Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes
·       Moving Sideways: “J” Draw
·       Moving Sideways: Classic Draw
·       Moving Sideways: Sculling Draw
·       Low Brace
·       Stern Rudder
·       Capsize Drill with assisted rescue using bilge pumps
·       Emptying of water on land
·       Emptying of water in sea
·       Rescue drill with Safety Boat
·       Expedition of at least 3km

: 0900 hours – 1500 hours / 1600hours (subject to duration of lunch and rest time)


Venue: Raffles Marina (lobby). Located at 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404.


Remarks: Identify our instructors wearing full black and our bright yellow boards/kayaks


Need to bring:

  • Water bottle (At least 1 litre is HIGHLY recommended)
  • You can bring in your own lunch. There is a bistro that you can dine at too!
  • Dri-fit Shirt/Long Sleeves/Rash guard/Tights/Booties
  • Sunscreen/Cap/Sunglasses
  • Towel, change of clothes and toiletries



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