SeaOPS 1 Star Kayaking Course – Sentosa

May 1, 2021
May 1, 2021 .
Tanjong Beach Sentosa   View map
+65 9834 7984


Aim: To introduce sea kayaking to beginners


Environment: Sea


Course fee: S$80


Course Duration: 1 days (6 hours)


Type of Craft: Single Seat Decked Kayaks


·       Personal Kayaking Equipment
·       Expedition Theory Part 1
·       Weather Hazards
·       Environmental Hazards


·       Carrying and lifting of kayaks with and without assistance
·       Launching off and coming ashore (for both beach and pontoon/berth)
·       Forward Paddling
·       Reverse Paddling
·       Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes
·       Moving Sideways: “J” Draw
·       Moving Sideways: Classic Draw
·       Moving Sideways: Sculling Draw
·       Low Brace
·       Stern Rudder
·       Capsize Drill
·       Rafted “X” Rescue
·       Emptying of water on land
·       Emptying of water in sea
·       Rescue drill with Safety Boat
·       Expedition of at least 3km

: 0900 hours – 1500 hours / 1600hours (subject to duration of lunch and rest time)


Venue: Sentosa Tanjong Beach (meet near the beach area in front of Tanjong Beach Carpark 2, near Tanjong Beach Club). Meet us at 0845 hours! If you arrive at 0900 hours, do wait at the Kiosk at the entrance of Tanjong Beach and our instructors will usher you in. You need not book the beach access via Sentosa’s website.


Remarks: Identify our instructors wearing full black and our bright yellow boards/kayaks


Need to bring:

  • Water bottle (At least 1 litre is HIGHLY recommended)
  • Bring your own lunch as the nearest restaurant is quite far away and there will not be enough time to head out for lunch
  • Dri-fit Shirt/Long Sleeves/Rash guard/Tights/Booties
  • Sunscreen/Cap/Sunglasses
  • Towel, change of clothes and toiletries



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